Thursday, 27 December 2012

Daily Mail Reader Charity

As my regulars will know, Hay does a paper round in the village and I sometimes help out (kids can't do it, as a car is necessary to reach the 35 to 40 scattered houses, ancestral piles and outlying farms).

Now Xmas is always a good time for making a few bob on the side through Xmas tips.

  • Guardian readers are always the first to leave a Christmas tip - invariably a tenner and a card.
  • Telegraph and Times readers are the next - between £5 and £10 and a card.
  • Express and Sun follow close on with a fiver or a few quid in an envelope, perhaps with a card.
  • Daily Mail readers, of which we have a continuous 6 on one road, never leave a tip or even so much as a card to say thanks.
I can just imagine what they would say at the merest suggestion they were stingy - "They get paid, don't they, so why should I tip them? I don't get tips in my job!"


  1. so what your saying is its hay shout for lunch next time ?

  2. Ah, I remember it well. For years I faithfully did a paper round when I was a child and never once got a tip. One Christmas my younger brother took over and got tips. He's just back from swanning round the Med. in his yacht; I'm searching pockets for loose change. The die was cast all those years ago.