Friday, 14 December 2012

Fracking Art for Sexual Offences

Some reactionary, dinosaur, Conservative MPs are against gay marriage, but they're quite happy to allow  fracking in public. That's double standards, if you ask me.

I wonder if the judge who handed a 2 year sentence to the guy who vandalised a Rothko (alleged) work of art with a felt pen was engaging in a piece of performance art himself? Just because some mug is willing to pay millions for this crap, doesn't necessarily make it art.

I do believe the police are about to dig up Casanova and Rasputin for historic sexual crimes.

I note Labour is saying it got it wrong on immigrant integration policies and immigrants should at least be able to speak English. Well, does that mean all those Welsh language road signs in Wales will now disappear and there will be an effort to get the Welsh to speak English? The Scots don't have their road signs in Gaelic!


  1. They should liquidise and pump conservative MPs into the ground, that would generate a whole heap of hot gases!