Sunday, 9 December 2012

Patronus Backlash

Overheard in the Caravan:

Chairman: "I suppose your patronus or daemon would be a cat."

Hay: "Yours would be a pile of crumbs in a mud patch."

Yesterday I was having my weekly dip into that lunatic asylum called the Daly Mail and was amused at an article (on-line) claiming there has been an 'backlash' against the ASDA Christmas advert showing a woman doing all the work leading up to the Christmas Day festivities.

For God's sake - only 33 people complained it was sexist. That's not a backlash - what's going on in Egypt is a backlash, not 33 sad people taking offence at what is essentially reality. I would imagine that the BBC News gets more than 33 complaints on a daily basis. Methinks the DM is trying to manufacture 'news' out of a non-story (oh, what a surprise). 

On another issue, the recently elected PCC for Northamptonshire is busy building an empire of 17 acolytes who will help him in his job overseeing the Northamptonshire Constabulary. The old Police Authority had only 10 members! On the radio yesterday he said he was 'not an expert in policing' and needed assistance. Utter lunacy!

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