Saturday, 1 December 2012

Spin on Watchdogging Marriage

Some are saying we can't have government in charge of the press - I ask whether we can have government in charge of the country - that's surely more important? In any case, I think this press or government control polarisation is a red herring - it doesn't have to be a government organ that's the press watchdog.

Is an independent press watchdog something to do with newsprint and casual sex in car parks?

Talking of sex, I'm currently reading an excellent book on the Y chromosome by Steve Jones called Y: The Descent of Men (well recommended). I was amused by a quote from J.B.Priestly about marriage being a long, dull meal with desert at the start.

Apparently the UK has come 6th in a league table of global education standards. I smell a rat - and the fact that the report was published by Pearson (those who own EDEXCEL) makes it look like a rather large one of elephantine proportions. Among the criteria for positioning is the number of students in higher education. When you cram universities with students who are obviously ill-equipped academically to study for a degree and create vast numbers of worthless degree courses, the result can only ever be a self-fulfilling prophesy. Simple bums on seats improves the rankings. A clear case of spinning like a top.

Getting worried about Hay's dad - he couldn't find the TV zapper the other day and found it later in the fridge. He's just taken delivery of some hearing aids - he swears that if he wears them on the wrong ears, then he hears sounds upside down.

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