Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Gun Debate

If Americans want weapons for personal protection, why do they need rifles with a lethal range of between a half and one kilometer?

One solution would be to allow the public only single-shot hand guns for personal protection and reduce their lethal range to within say 10 metres. People would retain their close-range personal protection, gun sales would soar as new guns are manufactured and tragedies caused by automatic and magazine weapons would, as far as possible, be avoided - everyone's happy.


  1. We shouldn't interfere with the processes of natural selection.

  2. Let them keep their guns if that's want they want. Next time someone walks into a school and guns down the kids then they will remember once again, it is their rights they wanted to keep not their children.

  3. Too late. The genie is out of the bottle!
    They should have leapt on military type automatics decades ago.
    Estimated 223 million guns in the US, with over half the pop living in a household with guns.
    Though your single shot solution would make the 'bad guys' happy!