Friday, 21 December 2012

Marketing Faux Pas for Teachers

Can't help feeling Tesco have made a mistake with their tag line; "Every Little Helps." Say with with either a lazy or an American accent and it transmogrifies into; "Every Lidl Helps."

Everyone set for the end of the world then?

Saw an advert on TV last night extolling the virtues of jobs in teaching. The ad said; "Imagine a job where you can be the head of your department within 4 years." Yes, that's because the ones in front of you have left with nervous breakdowns. Additionally, the teacher in the advert (who looked alarmingly like Ed Milliband) pointed his AV control at the screen behind him to switch on the projector, which must have been in front of him.

Her indoors still ain't feeling right - sprout terrine in an HP sauce marinade with an anchovie parfait and pretzels for dinner then.... I'll teach her!


  1. The world can't possibly end at 11am - we've got a table at the pub booked for 12!

  2. Sorry to hear about Her Indoors. Maybe she needs some fresh air? I always find my females are healthier when they're outdoors.