Friday, 6 December 2013

Architectural Lexicon for Test Card Pensions

After watching George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, I have a new lexicon:

  • Cupboard = Storage Solution,
  • Window = Solar Gain,
  • Classroom = Learning Environment (although 'a couple of old containers welded together' would have been my preferred description).
Mind you, I've always favoured using ten words where one will suffice, especially when I'm inebriated by my own personal verbosity....

"The plan is working," says the Chancellor, the next headline is; "Born today, work till 77." Another politician who must have had my son's English teacher advising him on the meaning of words...

We're watching a rerun of 'Life on Mars' on NetFlix and Sam Tyler wakes to the test card showing on his TV - the one with the little girl holding a soft toy in front of a blackboard:

Hay: "Remember the test card?"

Chairman: "Remember it? It's still the test card, isn't it?"


  1. Good Lord, remember the days when they needed test cards, the good old days when a ten bob note was real money and verbosity was functionally justified hyperbole. They don't need a test card now as there is always something on the bloody thing - like reruns of Life on Mars.

  2. can I just say I don't like the black background on your blog page. Just sayin'