Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pension Day in the Post Office

Got caught in the local sub Post Office yesterday - I only went in for 10 x 2nd class stamps and was there half an hour. The queue was out of the door.

The usual story from half a dozen old ladies organising their Christmas cards to far-flung relatives while collecting their pensions; "This one's for Malta.........and this one's for New Zealand........and this one's for Australia.......and...." Bloody interminable.

Now there's an idea - an automatic stamp dispenser; plug in your debit card and it spits out as many stamps as you need with no queuing on pension day. 

I saw a headline yesterday that said; "Energy firms start to announce plans to pass on savings to customers as the government unveils a package of measures aimed at reducing bills." Given it's the Conservatives in power, they must be thinking of culling old people.

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  1. I wonder if you can buy stamps on Amazon - must check. The only problem is that they will be bloody Luxembourg stamps I suppose.