Saturday, 28 December 2013

Overheard on a Long Walk

Hay and the Chairman are on a 6 mile country walk (at Hay's behest). They have gone off-piste to take a shortcut over a field (at the Chariman's request).

Hay: "You can't go that way - there are horses in the field and they've churned it up into a mud soup."

Chairman: "Just watch me."

2 minutes later the Chairman is flat on his back in a large, deep patch of mud.

About a mile further.

Chairman: "Of course you know you only have so many strides in your life before you need a hip replacement, so you need to conserve them."

Hay: "You've no need to worry. With the small amount of walking you do, most of your strides are still in the bank."

About 3 miles further on.

Chairman: "What's aerobic exercise?"

Hay: "It's when you exercise your aerobes."

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