Friday, 20 December 2013

The iPhone 5 Works Hamper

I'm becoming a dab hand at this sourdough baking thing. I'm no longer using recipes and timings, just the look and feel of the dough and final product. I sense a possible post-retirement career coming on.

Talking of being a loaf short of a bakery, as far as I'm concerned, anyone who says God (or Allah) told them to do it,or claims to know the mind of God, is a certified, class A nutter, or a schizophrenic. The two Lee Rigby killers were also disaffected black youths who were easy prey for a new 'family' who could bend them to their perverted will. We've seen it time and time again, especially in a cult context.

Hay took delivery of her new work phone yesterday - an iPhone 5s. She couldn't be bothered to set it up! Obviously there's not a male gene in her body...

At the last possible minute I received instruction from Head Office in Israel that we have been allocated £1,400 for Christmas gifts for all the staff. Well, Christmas ain't their thing, after all, so how were they to know you have to put your orders in during October.

Now last year we gave the staff M&S hampers, but if you have a look at them you'll discover that the goods in the £150 hamper can be bought in-store for about 50 quid, making the hamper itself worth about a Ton, which is extortionate in anyone's Excel spread sheet. Seems all the upper end supermarkets pull the same stunt at Christmas. Caveat emptor!

Thought about gift vouchers, but my money man told me that's the equivalent of cash and hence subject to being taxed, which ain't really nice of HMG.

Did some quick research on t'internet and found a relative newcomer to the Christmas Hamper market called All The Best Hampers. Got some 22 items (compared to M&S' 15) for just over £150, plus £5.95 next day delivery. Excellent value, especially when you consider it contains 4 bottles of legal highs as opposed to just 2 with M&S.

The last day for Christmas delivery is today (they only deliver Tuesday to Friday), so it was touch and go as to whether we'd get the order in on time, but we succeeded.

I'm expecting mine to be delivered later today. They even do corporate hampers in your company colours - may give that a shot next year.

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