Monday, 23 December 2013

Cooking News on Radio 2

Hay is a fan of TV cooking programmes. The other day we were watching Gordon Ramsay doing something culinary in his kitchen for Christmas and even Hay said she felt worn out watching him bounce about. The man's a bag of nerves and needs something to bring him off his high.

Another programme featured The Fabulous Baker Brothers. OK, so they have a shop on our local high street in Chipping Sodbury (which sells stuff at twice the price of anywhere else and is frequented by the Waitrose Yummy Mummy set), but I found them to be more The Intensely Irritating Baker Brothers. 

Is it me, or has Radio 2 on Sunday mornings become overtly Bath and Wellsish? The 8am show used to give the occasional nod in the general direction of religion (specifically Christianity), but of late it seems to have become radically holier-than-thou, being filled by interviews with sad individuals whose lives seem to be totally devoid of meaning without their imaginary friend. May switch to Planet Rock.

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