Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Murderous Teacher Hubris

British children are apparently lagging well behind their foreign peers.

My son returned from school last week saying he had had to show the use of a new word; the word he chose was hubristic, and provided a perfectly acceptable example of its use.

The English teacher then proceeded to ridicule him by telling the class that there was no such word. When he assured he it was, and proved it using the dictionary, she accused him of using it incorrectly.

How on earth could she know that when she wasn't even aware of the word before my son uttered it?

Is it any wonder British kids are lagging their peers when the teachers don't even have degrees in (or rudimentary knowledge of) their subjects? And the buggers want a pay rise to boot!

The killers of Lee Rigby are pleading not guilty to murder. If what they did wasn't murder, then what the hell was it? Perhaps they were taught English by my son's English teacher...

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  1. Perhaps the teacher was illustrating the meaning of the word with some "role-play" ;)

    Perhaps the Woolwich murderers are going for an insanity ploy, they seem to think Islam is a good idea and also true, so maybe they have a point.