Saturday, 6 September 2014

Couriers & E-Cigarettes

On the subject of e-cigarettes, no wonder the World Health Organisation is up in arms about them - they've obviously gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick and think Darth Vader used one...

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I do wish people sending goods would desist from using commercial couriers - the buggers don't have a clue as to where my address is. 

We have a house name, rather than a number - a legacy from the place being a small Coltswold village and impossible to change, especially as the track to our house is an unmade, unadopted road.

Rather than calling the place Barnfield (it looks like a barn and is in a field), I could have named the place No. 100, but that wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference, as none of the other houses have numbers.

Royal Mail at least have regular posties who know the area, and also know who to leave packages with if we're out. I don't mind paying extra to use Royal Mail, as every 3 deliveries out of 4 with 3rd party couriers ends up in either several failed delivery attempts, or me having to go tens of miles to the local courier's depot. 

I wouldn't mind if the couriers called me so I can talk them down, but most courier companies these days don't even provide their staff will mobile phones - City Link being the worst offender. Itinerant Polish drivers, who change more frequently than I change my underpants (once a week.....), don't stand a chance, poor buggers.

However, I have saved the best to last - Parcel2Go. Can you find a customer service number to find out why your parcel hasn't been delivered? I defy you to find one that works. The website is useless.

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