Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Parcelled Benefits of Growing Older in an Independent Scotland

The older you get, the faster time seems to pass by. The corollary of that is that paydays seem to occur more frequently.

The graphical calculator I bought for No.1 Son has remained undelivered by Parcel2Go, resulting in the sender being notified it's being returned to him. The sender has contacted me and says he will send it by Royal Mail once he gets it back.

Parcel2Go must be the worst courier company in the UK, but it maintains it has the best customer satisfaction. The reason for that is there is no customer complaint number - and if there is no avenue for complaint, then your customer complaints will be zero. Simples.

I once jokingly proposed such a system for a company I worked for. Seems Parcel2Go have actually implemented it.

Just thought of an incontrovertible argument against Scottish independence - it's going to cost any Scot with a UK passport the Scottish currency equivalent of £72.50 to get a Scottish one.

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