Monday, 8 September 2014

Fire at Tetbury Classic Car Show

It seemed that the house caught fire yesterday!

Thank God it was only a reflection of the garden waste bonfire....

Went to the Tetbury Classic Car Show yesterday. some nostalgia follows:

A jamboree of Jaguars 

You can see me in the mirror 

Everyone's dad's favourite 


Inland Revenue Service 

Hayley loves it 

My tame metal fabricator's Healey 3000 

Wonder if Hay's dad ever drove one of these? 

The fabulous A 

A nest of Cobras 

Pure art nouveau - gorgeous!

More Healey 3000s

Hay's favourite 

One of my favourites 

Trapped in a bubble of time 

A somewhat saintly car

Off to Hamburg for the week to attend a maritime exhibition.

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