Monday, 22 September 2014

Things That Go Bang in the Night

We've been for a long weekend in Fowey and stayed at our favourite haunt - The Old Ferry Inn in Bodinnick.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle during the night, as the couple in the room next to us had some kind of medical emergency. Well, I assume it was a medical emergency, as they woke us twice with moaning and groaning. It must have been some kind of stomach upset by the sound of it, and, strangely enough, they both seemed to have the attacks at the same time.

I was extremely worried at one stage, as I was convinced the lady was in her death throes as she kept calling out for God. Perhaps she was just very religious. Anyway, I put it down to a Dicky Tummy. 

They seemed fine at breakfast - quite flushed though. I somehow suspect the lady was the gentleman's secretary.

While there Hay walked the hind legs - well, the only legs - off me. We walked a coastal path from Bodinnick to Polruan, followed by a walk along the SW Coastal Path to a small cove called Lantic Bay. Now you have to be part chamois goat to get down to the beach (as evidenced by the fact there were only two other people on the beach), or come by boat. How the hell there was horse and cow shit on the steep path is beyond me.

Here are a few pictures of the path to the place, followed by a short, panoramic video:

 On the way
 From a distance
Before the climb down
On the beach

While away, Colin was busy doing a few alterations as a surprise for Hayley - inserting some aluminium, scrap, eBay portholes in the oak doors; one inside and one outside;

I'm rather pleased with the result.

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