Tuesday, 30 September 2014

On Days Like These

Took off from LHR an hour late, got a nice Mercedes hatchback (auto, thank God) rental (and spent some 20 minutes figuring out where the handbrake is - there isn't one!) and arrived at the hotel at Geneva airport around 7pm with an hour to spare to prepare for a teleconference with HQ in Israel.

Teleconference lasted an hour and 45 minutes, after which I had a few emails to dash off and by which time the restaurant was closed. Good job that yesterday was a skinny day.

Really looking forward to tomorrow and the drive from here to Sion and then to Milan. Not looking forward to the hotel in Lacchiarella though, but it's about the only one.

A Mars Bar to anyone who get's the link between the title of the post and the contents.


  1. Theme song from the Italian Job.

  2. Can I have another Mars bar for spotting the aberrant apostrophe in 'get's'?