Friday, 12 September 2014


Well, I'm back from the exhibition in Hamburg.

Given I was meeting customers there I decided to put my upper denture in so I could smile convincingly (a missing canine being the culprit). The problem is that it is damned uncomfortable, extending quite far into my palate and making me gag occasionally. No wonder my customers recoiled from me several times during my meetings - they must have thought I was going to engage in some projectile vomiting .

I'm getting quite jaded about exhibitions, just watching all the feigned interest of salesmen in the punters, when the only thing on their mind is a sale and a bonus.

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  1. Quite agree, a lot of sales people these days haven't got a clue. We are a social species, most of us need some kind of "social" dimension to our interactions for them to be meaningful, especially being sold to.