Thursday, 24 September 2015

Flight Trials

Some flight trial footage from the last week.

On Saturday I lost it in a neighbour's garden over the main road, on Monday it ended up over a klom away by the bus stop on the common and took me an hour or two to find and yesterday it ended up on the railway line. It was only the kindness of a RailTrack workman that meant it was returned to my possession before the 15:20 to Paddington ended its life.

Conditions have been gusty and it's not recommended to fly in such adverse weather - at least not when I'm the pilot. Dead calm is the best, meaning early morning or evening. If a gust turns it slightly then all your orientation is gone to hell in a handcart and when you think you're sending it back to you, it's actually disappearing over the event horizon. Lose it in the sun and you're stuffed!

The biggest problem is that you've no idea of what you are videoing till you get the drone back and take out the Mico SD card. A live video stream would be ideal, but that means a much more expensive drone.

Very robust bit of kit though.

Some nice shots of the family compound - our house (and the new cabin) and Hay's dad's behind it - and Hay's sister's attached to Hay's dad's.


  1. Background music an excellent choice something by Fleetwood Mac, I think ?
    Subtle touch on the controls seems to be the answer ?

    1. Unless a gust of wind catches it above the tree line...

    2. PS - some Tangerine Dream is also quite ethereal, but I don't have the necessary tracks.