Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Peg Vest

Been thinking about an invention - something to make hanging out the washing easier (remember that I work from home and Hayley tends to work mostly away from home, and therefore the washing falls under my aegis).

You know how you simply can't hold enough pegs in your hand at one time to hang more than one or two items on the washing line (or perhaps not if you're not into laundry)? Well, my concept is a washing line that grabs the washing itself, dispensing with pegs altogether and thus speeding up the process.

However, while hanging out the washing yesterday I hit on a novel idea for the interim - the Peg Vest. You simply put aside a tee shirt to use as a permanent peg receptacle, clip on pegs in the prescribed manner (see photo below) and you have ample pegs available close at hand, enabling you to hang numerous washing items over your arm and peg them quickly.

When taking the laundry back in, simply clip the pegs back on the Peg Vest and then hang it up till the next wash load.

The design of the Peg Vest needs some careful thought, as putting pegs on your T shirt tends to shorten it considerably. The secret therefore has to be to choose an extra long T shirt. Alternatively you can have the mem-sahib sew some fringes onto the T shirt on which to clip the pegs, although, as a bloke, you'd look a bit daft in a fringed T shirt.

Of course, the simplest way to overcome the problem is to leave pegs on the washing line, but they can get grubby using this method and it's simply an excuse for laziness. Using an apron with a deep pocket is another solution, but still the pegs still aren't that easy to grab.

Like the ripped T shirt, this could become a male fashion icon..... or perhaps not....


  1. This is either pure genius or some weird new initiation ceremony for toffs.

  2. Oh you Bath chaps are all alike, bacon sandwich anyone ?

    1. 2 or 3 seconds of bewilderment and then it clicked. Good one!

  3. Please let me know if you find a solution to pair socks. I've got 400 single ones at home.