Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Several Million Drones

It would appear that several million drones are to be bought this Christmas, and the authorities are terrified.

Mine finally went sailing over the railway line yesterday and either into an area of brush, or was ran down by the 15:30 from Paddington to Bristol. It went so high I couldn't tell which way it was heading, and by the time I did know, I'd reached the limit of the radio control, which is around 100m.

Not sure I'll get another one - it'll just end up going the same way. If I do it will have to be one that streams live video to the controller - at least that way you have a basic idea of its orientation and which lever to press to get it back home. If it ditches, you also have a rough idea of where it landed. The problem is you pay around a hundred more for one with live video streaming.

1 comment:

  1. O dear, O dear that's terrible, never mind you did have some fun with it and at least your other toy the kayak is still in your possession - hopefully ?