Monday, 28 September 2015

Sort It TV

What with building cabins and the general pace of life here on the kampong, we make several trips a month to the local Sort It Centre to get rid of all manner of detritus. That said, it's a weird fact of life that we invariably come back with more stuff than we take when we spot stuff people throw away but is perfectly serviceable.

Ever scanned the TV channels desperately looking for something you can bear to watch? Isn't TV dire these days?


  1. The problem with much of the TV on the numerous channels available is that it is made up of old programmes (like the Bill or Bergerac) which TV companies have consigned to the rubbish skip but TV Gold have spotted and decided that they are perfectly serviceable.

    1. Scan the channels at peak time, and it's just dross about people's jobs.

      Welcome back to Blightly. Good holiday in Spain?

    2. Bit like the Chairman's trip to the tip!!