Saturday, 19 September 2015

Syrian Lee Bay

The likes of the UNHCR and aid agencies keep bleating about the rules on refugees having to be adhered to, but the rules were made for situations comprising a few hundred or a few thousand people, not half a country - and more. This is a unique situation that was not envisioned by those who drew up the rules in the first place. There are no rules for this situation - especially when that flood has been infiltrated by what is very obviously a large proportion of economic migrants heading for one specific destination. 

I was listening to some young British Muslims being interviwed yesterday on Radio 4. On being asked whether they would consider joining ISIS, one said yes. Asked why he would go and kill fellow Muslims, he responded that they weren't Muslims as they were killing Muslims. There were several unasked questions left hovering in the air around this circuitous and idiotic logic.

Got back from Lee Bay yesterday afternoon. It's a lovely, and yet undiscovered place - and ideal for both kayaking and walking. I hate doing exercise purely for the sake of exercise; however, when something I actually enjoy has the accidental side effect of giving me exercise, then that's fine.

Lee Bay has an air of Agatha Marple or Daphne Du Rebecca about it. It has a large, yet derelict hotel (which is the subject of much controversy) that could be the venue for a Poirot mystery. The whole place reeks of the early 1900s with several of those lovely houses from the between the wars period and an altogether more relaxed lifestyle. This is aided by the fact you can't get a mobile signal there.

The hotel in question was purchased by a developer to demolish and then build some luxury apartments, much to the opposition of the locals who don't want an influx of rich people from London who will only live there at weekends, bringing everything they need with them. As a consequence, the developer is letting the place go to wrack and ruin - I suspect in a cynical ploy to bolster his cause and leave the local planning authority no option but to agree to demolition.

The hotel can be seen to the left of centre in the photo above.

Spotted this at the local church:

Now most refer to WWI as the 1914~1918 war, and that's what you'll see on the majority of memorials. However, 1918 was only the Armistice and the war was not officially over till the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, so technically the war was still going on till 1919.

A few snaps from our time in Lee Bay and the surrounding area:

Oh, and another failed drone attempt:

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