Tuesday, 29 September 2015

VW Disarmament in Iran

Seems a good time to buy VW shares now - they're very low for some reason.

All this disarmament talk by Corbyn and Co. Not sure I'm up for that. The first priority of any government, before building roads, before curing my ills, is to defend me. That's the contract I draw up with anyone who wants to be my leader - and that has been the case since history began - I'll allow you to rule me as tribal leader, chieftain, king, emperor, etc., but in return you have to ensure my safety - Augustus could do anything he wanted providing he imposed peace and defended the borders.

Not sure Corbyn's plans are up to it. He may well say that ISIS in a new type of foe that requires new strategies, but what about Mad Putin, the dictator of Russia? His type have been our foes since time immemorial and understand only one thing. He does nothing unless it's on his own terms and benefits his power base - a bit like Augustus. I agree with Corbyn, however, on a number of other issues which, at first glance, seem contentious - a fairer society is an admirable aim and a new kind of politics is needed. I feel people will warm to him with time - he's just not very good at PR.

While on the issue of defence, I'm not overly impressed with the UN Security Council either. Seems Russia and China use it not for its intended purpose, but to score political points and seed disarray and instability among the remaining members. Why should anyone have a veto? It's a totally impotent body - as is the rest of the UN.

David Cameron was on the news last night and meeting an Iranian official - the President, I think. Why is it that all Iranian government officials not only dress the same, but look identical. I'm sure they're all the same person.


  1. Re your last paragraph : Have you ever seen the famous Bullingham Club photo?

    1. Are they wearing beards and turbans too?