Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Great Old Sodbury Mini GU10 Light Bulb Fiasco

Lamped up in the cabin yesterday - took me a couple of hours to put 3 mini GU10 LED bulbs into each of 4 light fittings! Never, ever buy light fittings that take mini GU10 LED bulbs - they're a nightmare. 

The fittings comprise what look like 3 cardboard toilet roll centres, and when you finally manage to engage the bulb lugs with the holes at the base of the fittings (which is a pain in the backside in itself) you have to somehow turn the bulb, which is flush with the light fitting. 

They provide a small rubber sucker to stick on the bulb face which is meant to assist in turning the bulb, but it's about as useless as a Peg Vest and doesn't stick that well - certainly not enough to facilitate any torque whatsoever on the bulb.

I finally hit on the idea of using Hay's Marigold gloves to facilitate some grip on the bulb face, and it worked for about half the bulbs. The rest got damaged when the plastic cover came away with the force required to effect some torque - I can stick the cover back on with superglue though. Actually that made it easier, as there was more to grab hold of in the bulb itself (which is not actually recommended by the manufacturers) or the inside of the reflector.

On doing a bit of Interweb research I discovered that virtually everyone has problems with these little beggars, so be warned.

There's still one bulb remaining that simply won't go in no matter what I do.

On another note, Old Sodbury hit the news yesterday when four pigs ran amok in the village.

England are playing Wales in the Rugby World Cup and Hay decides to hold a Macmillan Coffee Morning. Hope it's over by kick-off at 7:17 - you know how long these coffee mornings can last.

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