Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Hay Fever Cure for Lawn Mowers

On Sunday evening, what with No.1 Son being in London, we decided not to bother cooking and go out to our local pub, The Dog, for dinner. Now I'm a hay fever sufferer and a pint and a half of Pheasant Plucker cider may have exacerbated it (booze is apparently loaded with histamine), but, on having a small scotch just after dinner the symptoms miraculously vanished almost the moment the scotch touched my lips. It might have been coincidence, but my guess is that scotch is a cure. My symptoms are always worst in the morning and evening but, in the interests of a scientific trial, Hay won't let me have a scotch every morning. I did, however, give it another go last  night with Lidl scotch and, although it took a few minutes longer, it did actually work again. I'd be interested if any other sufferers report similar effects.

On the strength of my recommendation, Vicky at The Dog is now marketing Dalmore scotch as a hay fever cure.

On Saturday the cutting deck belt of my ride-on lawnmower parted. Found a site where they sell all manner of lawnmower spares and they listed two alternatives - a genuine manufacturer's part at £96 and an identical, non-genuine part for £19.95. Guess which I'm going for?

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