Sunday, 25 June 2017

Crazy Bastard Gym

Walked from Murrisk to Westport and back yesterday (about 11 miles in total) to catch the Westport Food Fesitval and went past what looked like a kids' playground containing some rather sturdy looking playground equipment - but it wasn't the usual stuff like swings and roundabouts. It was real exercise equipment and, as well as a bunch of kids, there was a pensioner working out on the equipment. A free gym for anyone to use. Very enlightened.

I can just imagine the pensioners kicking the kids off the equipment...

There was a stall at the Food Festival selling some rather powerful sauce.


  1. The majority of our public parks have this exercise equipment in them. I am surprised that you consider it strange, as I would have thought that you had similar stuff in the UK ?

    1. First time we've ever seen it, Mel.

    2. Another first for Ireland so !

  2. Anywhere you care to look here there are those things and a lot more all over China. And yes, the OAPs boot the kids off so they can have a go!