Sunday, 11 June 2017

Tug of War

So BoJo denies he's going to try to unseat Mrs May. Can't say I'm surprised, as the position of PM is now a poisoned chalice until the Brexit bomb is defused one way of the other. As for requiring the DUP to prop up any leader, if there's one thing that can be guaranteed to elicit sympathy for N.I. Republicanism it's the DUP, never mind the fact the arrangement may be illegal under the Good Friday Agreement. The situation is like Mrs May saying a bad deal is better than no deal. One thing's certain, Brexit means Shambles.

The Annual Old Sodbury Tug of War between different lanes in the village was held yesterday. It always descends into farce as ringers are imported from miles away (he's staying with us for a few days, so he's entitled to join in, etc.)  and team numbers seem to have the fluidity of the lottery.

While the videos above are not of the finals, last year's Champions lost. However, if you look at the bloke at the end of the rope on the left, in the men's game, he's clearly an international rugby player...

Next year we're obviously going to have to hire a Tug of War tactician from TWIF to coach the teams - I ask you, is bare feet a winning tactic?


  1. There is a less well known Irish proverb that is very applicable to Mrs May associating with the DUP and that is :-
    "Show me your friends and I will tell you what you are"

    1. We nautical types have one too - any port in a storm.

  2. Mrs May's choice of friends and some enlightenment.
    'Ahead of the election the DUP party was backed by the Loyalist Communities Council, which is an umbrella body comprised of three of the main Loyalist Paramilitary groups, the Ulster Defence Association, the Ulster Volunteer Force and Red Hand Commando. The party’s leader, Arlene Foster, was criticised for being slow to distance the DUP from the paramilitaries.'