Monday, 5 June 2017

Election Placard Cars

I can't think why politicians put up election placards. They comprise nothing more than a reminder that a particular candidate is standing for election. It's not even as if they contain any particular message - it's usually an image of the candidate and his or her party, and that's already known - or if it's not, then you get a reminder at the voting booth. Seems an awful waste of electoral expenses to me.

I came down on Saturday morning to find our freezer had packed up - we got it on Freecycle when we moved into the house some 5 years ago, so it's served us well for a freebie. Hurriedly bought a 2nd had replacement on eBay for £45 and went with my trailer to collect it in Bristol. When I arrived to collect it, I spotted this in the owner's garage.

Some 60 years old and not a scratch on it. Beautiful.

Yesterday we went to Avebury for a gander at the stone circles and the local manor, which is owned by the National Trust, and then took in Marlborough High Street. It's not often you see two Lamborghinis in one day.

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