Monday, 12 June 2017

Village Day Lessons

Each year we run the Village Day we come away with some lessons to make improvements on the numbers for next year's event:
  1. If there's something for kids, then that will attract the parents. This year, as well as the 'make yourself a funny hat' stall (run by Hay and her sister), we had the local primary school field a choir and, naturally, all the parents HAD to attend, albeit under protest in many cases. On the basis of that, I'm going to suggest that next year we kidnap the kids from all the local primary school on the Friday afternoon and hold them to ransom in exchange for raffle tickets on the Saturday event. It could prove an expensive strategy though, and there's always the risk that some parents would allow us to keep their kids.
  2. While the pork sausages and bacon baps went down well, we should have widened the demographic by offering halal bacon and pork sausages.
  3. I will also suggest we dress someone up as a traffic policeman (we have a semi-retired policeman on the committee anyway) and get him to divert traffic from the road, with the aid of a mock-up radar gun, into the Village Day venue car park on the pretext of catching them speeding (which they will be guaranteed to be doing anyway). They could either go to the Village Day Speeding Re-education Stand or pay a 'fine' for a raffle ticket.
  4. The armoured vehicle and WWII weapons stand proved popular - next year we should have a mock battle between Brexiteers and Remainers.

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