Saturday, 3 June 2017

Trump's Nuclear Climate Fox

Trump maintained he didn't want to be part of a climate deal that didn't penalise the world's largest polluters.

For a start, America comes 2nd to only China in the world rankings of polluters by country; however, when it comes to pollution per capita, it comes 7th, after Qatar, Kuwait, Australia, Turkmenistan and Oman - all of which are signatories to the Paris Climate Agreement. America has well over twice the emissions per capita of CO2 than China. The irony is that America is undoubtedly exactly what he rants against.

Trump said no-one would laugh at America again. Ha, ha, ha! It would appear this is a desperate attempt to enact at least one election promise, but as I said a few days ago, any endeavour having self-glorification as its endpoint is bound to end in disaster.

What the hell - let's all go and dig coal, climb into a large gas guzzler, grab our guns and go bomb the hell out of some other nation to secure the oil for our gas guzzlers. Better still, convert our cars to run on coal.

I watched some of the Question Time Leaders' Special programme on the BBC last night. It strikes me that if you press the nuclear button first or in retaliation - and we're talking here about two nations with nuclear capability - we might as well kiss our arses goodbye anyway. If you use the nuclear option in retaliation, then that presupposes you're not dead already after having been struck first; if you use it first, by the previous argument, that's not a final event and you're going to end up having a retaliatory attack levied against you anyway. In either case, few will survive. It's something called mutually assured destruction.

To be honest, if I were Jeremy Corbyn, I'd have refused point blank to answer the question about whether he'd press the nuclear button, as deterrence depends on your potential enemy not knowing whether you'd press the button or not. It can't be denied that not having a nuclear capability makes a country less likely to be nuked in the first place. To be fair, nukes are an anachronism in this data driven and electronic age.

Perhaps the answer is to have a nuclear capability and elect an unpredictable and mentally imbalanced imbecile to run the country - a bit like America. The ultimate deterrent?

Our fox has been every night this week to be fed, except last night, when it was raining. Fair weather fox?