Saturday, 24 June 2017

Hot Water Crayons

Well, Ryanair managed to punish Hay and myself for not paying to reserve seats on the flight to Knock by seating us at opposite ends of the aircraft but, by good fortune, both of us ended up in the only rows in the plane with no-one either side of us.  Just shows they must have an allocation algorithm that purposely splits people who book together but don't choose to pay for seats, despite what they say in their PR.

Hay wondered how she could get water to drink in Bristol airport without paying an arm and a leg for designer stuff. I told her to just take an empty bottle and fill it from the cold tap in the ladies’ loo once through security. Well, believe it or not, you can only get hot water out of the loo taps and the only way of getting cold water is to buy it. Airports are becoming like RyanAir.

Hay was looking at some lipsticks in the “duty free”. They wanted £18 for what is essentially a crayon. 

Can you resell a Kindle e-book the way you can a paper book?


  1. That is an interesting question.i was told that you don't actually own electronic books or music.if that's the case what happens when you die? Does it mean that you can't leave them as inheritance?

    1. I suppose the main problem is ensuring it's not copied hundreds of times and sold on multiple times. The problem of originality with electronic media.

    2. I guess that I am a little old fashioned: I still buy paper books (except for novels) and I still buy music on CD.

    3. Me too, but when travelling it cuts down on weight.