Sunday, 2 July 2017

Glasto Fox

Trump says his use of social media makes him 'modern day presidential'. Pity his policies are pre-Enlightenment presidential.

Foxy is getting more used to my presence and doesn't run away if I'm outside.

Apparently, while we were away last week, No.1 Son took Foxy some food in one of those black, plastic food trays and she took the entire tray off with her to her den. She'll be asking for a knife and fork next.

You'll have to forgive the background music in the video. We were watching some of the Glastonbury sets on iPlayer and Hay insisted on watching someone called Katy Perry. Not my thing.

I was going to say to Hay that it would be nice to go to Glasto one year, but then I looked through the bands playing and realised I only knew of a small handful - Foo Fighters, Radiohead (Thom Yorke is looking more like Willie Nelson by the year), Biffy Cliro, Barry Gibb, Chic, Liam Gallagher (who was obviously expecting bad weather, what with the kagool he was wearing) and one or two others. As far as new music is concerned, I'm more into esoteric jazz fusion and ambient stuff that few have ever heard of; Greyboy, Gramatik, Big Muff, Gary B, Howie B, Jjos - that kind of thing.

Why is it that it's always women on men's shoulders in the audience and not the other way round?

There was a band called British Sea Power and Hay said she'd never heard them. Told her they just go BOOM very loudly. She grimaced.

Watched that new band - Corbyn. It was more a stream of conscious prose session than a proper set. Performance art. Liked the words, but the tune was execrable, especially as it transpired it was pro Brexit. As I said yesterday, he's principled and supports the will of the people, even if the people are clearly deluded. I have no such principles and believe public ignorance should be challenged at every opportunity (as should my own ignorance).

There's a rumour that Michael Eavis would consider having another Glasto in 2018, rather than having a fallow year, if he could get one particular band to reform. That has to be Led Zep - now that would be worth paying to hear, even if Robert Plant's vocals may not be up to the job anymore. That didn't stop Barry Gibb, and he got a rousing cheer. It's more about the nostalgia.

A parting thought: the right accuse the left of wanting everything for free; isn't that the same as paying much lower tax but still having education, roads, an NHS, social care, etc? At least the left would support higher taxes to pay for all this, so it's not exactly free...


  1. Your last point is one I've been banging away at for years....usually in a 'discussion' about freeloaders.

  2. Honestly the best band in the world - give yourself a treat "Waving Flags" is an antithesis to the current shoutie righteousness...

    1. Not bad, but if you speed through it, it all sounds like the same song played at different speeds.

  3. Rehearsal for The Little Prince?