Tuesday, 4 July 2017

In Clover with Ties

I banked my last quarter's feed in tariff cheque yesterday for the solar PV and it struck me that I've been getting a much higher cheque of late than was expected. I checked the figures that accompanied the cheque and was pleasantly surprised to find I've been getting quite a bit more than the 43 pence per kWh that was initially contracted - it was 49.43 pence till March and has been 50.67 pence since then. It added over a hundred quid to my last cheque. Seems it must be going up with inflation, which a check on the figures confirmed - 2.5% p.a.

Ties in Parliament was the subject of Sunday's YouGov poll, and it revealed a marked contrast between left and right wing.

The difference between ages is also quite stark, yet to be expected.

Not much difference at all between genders or regions though.


  1. That is old fuddy duddy stuff about wearing ties. Makes not one iota in behaviour or respect it is just total BS !

    1. I dare say UKIP would want a return to top hats.