Saturday, 29 July 2017

Trump Transgender Media

You know, I'm certain Trump's tin pot dictator antics as President have ensured his media career is over. I'm just wondering when he's going to order NASA to develop a coal fired space programme. The man is an embarrassment to America. The fact he's surrounding himself with generals and millionaires does not bode well.

I was listening to someone on R4 yesterday morning, who is closely involved with Trump's administration (obviously, by his accent, a Brit), justifying the US ban on transgender military personnel on the basis that they are 40% more likely to commit suicide, which goes against battlefield cohesion. What he failed to mention is that the high rate of suicide in the transgender community is because they are discriminated against in precisely the manner the Trump administration is promoting, not only by 3rd parties, but even their families, leaving them no support network whatsoever. It's a self-fulfilling prophesy so long as they are discriminated against. Yet another inverted logic argument that cherry picks and manipulates data to justify its agenda.

Gave my 4 monthly blood donation yesterday - when are you going to do your bit?

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