Saturday, 8 July 2017

Japanese Phone Box


Hay: "What shall we do tomorrow?"

Chairman: "A bike ride?"

Hay: "A bike ride?"

Chairman: "No, I didn't say that..."

We found some, what I'm sure is, Japanese knotweed on the main road yesterday. Going to have to report this to - actually, I'm not sure who to report it to. Council? Environment Agency? Any suggestions?

Here's a photo of the village phone box, which a number of  villagers volunteered to bring back to life earlier in the year - Hay and I did our bit and spent a couple of mornings scraping and grinding this thing, and it looks beautiful now.

John, who lives in the village, donated some money to buy the defibrilator and it's also used as a book exchange.

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  1. So now you can read a book while having a heartache ?