Friday, 7 July 2017

Time to Leave Home


Chairman: "It's strange to think we're married - we lived together for 10 years before we took the plunge and I have to remind myself occasionally that we are indeed married. I even have to remember our wedding anniversary. 7th September."

Hay: "9th!"

We got back from our holiday a week ago to find the fox we've been feeding was still coming every evening, but for the last four evenings she's not appeared and we're at our wits' end to figure out why. 

Last night we had a wander up the road just to check she hadn't been hit by a car and was lying dead at the roadside or in a ditch, but saw nothing.

We can only assume she's a young vixen, born this year, and may have been forced by her mother to leave the den and establish her own territory a good distance away.

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