Thursday, 13 July 2017

Pimp My Fridge

Trump and his railing against a witch hunt - can't help feeling he's confusing his witches and his moles. It's strange when patriotism includes collusion with the enemy. Strange times...

Remember that VW themed fridge I posted a picture of a week or so ago? Well, I've pimped my fridge and for under a fiver I've transformed it from a £40 eBay fridge into a rather expensive and rather unique Mercedes fridge.

Didn't even have to spray it, as most Mercs are silver anyway. Possibly the addition of an AMG decal would be in order.

I have a leaping Jaguar mascot on my desk. Wonder what I can pimp with that? Given its shape, it would double quite well as a handle for something. A Cona vacuum coffee maker, perhaps...

Take it off the plinth (which I put it on anyway), some judicious bending of the base, couple of retaining holes in the Bakelite handle and voila - an automobilia themed, Jaguar vacuum coffee maker. Perhaps not...

Hay's sister suggested door handles for up-cycled wardrobes. Now that's a good idea.

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