Saturday, 1 July 2017

Hubris of Galaxy S8 Plus Camera Focus Issue

Trawling through various publications for their slanted views of the latest news, I alighted on an article in the Daily Express (not exactly noted for it's support of the EU) which accused the EU of hubris in wanting the ECJ to have oversight of the UK long after departure. I can't see this being any more hubristic than the UK wanting all the benefits of EU membership, but without the cost. The words pot, kettle and black come to mind.

I see Jeremy Corbyn has sacked a number of front benchers for rebelling and he's being accused of hypocrisy by the right wing press by dint of him having voted against his party some 500 times. The truth is that before he was the leader of the Labour Party he was never a front bencher, and therefore never in a position to be sacked from the front bench for dissent.

The right wing do get their knickers in a twist at times and come out with the most ill-considered and inconsistent drivel. Another word comes to mind - desperation.

Corbyn has at least nailed his colours to the mast and come out as a Brexiteer, and he certainly can't be accused of wanting to thwart democracy (although I see it as a process and not a binary event). He's many things, but he is consistent and principled, and it's difficult to successfully accuse him of hypocrisy. Still too far left for me though.

More phone problems. Over the last 2 weeks the camera on my new Galaxy S8 Plus has been acting up and refusing to focus. Putting a finger near the lens at the focal point and slowly drawing the finger away occasionally cures the problem - for a while - as does pressing in on the lens a couple of times.

Looking this behaviour up on t'internet, it would appear I'm not the only owner having this problem. I feel yet another trip to the Vodafone shop coming on.


  1. I can't understand why we are ploughing on with brexit. Most of those that I know who voted leave have now changed their minds now that they realise the consequences. They chose to leave in the first place due to misinformation from both sides and bigotry. Methinks it now suits the government to leave as they will be able to blame everything on brexit for the next 20 years and tell us all that its what we wanted.

  2. It is no good crying over spilt milk now and regardless of how many pro-brexit voters have changed their minds by realising the error of their ways. It is too now late, unless of course the collective can bring pressure to bear on the government and I doubt that very much.

  3. And I guess that if we changed our minds they wouldn't let us back in on the same terms any way.