Saturday, 25 September 2021

The Running Man

 Yesterday I broke a barrier.

1.6 miles, non-stop, to the local garage and back. The next target is to get out of our drive.

Seriously though, I never thought I could run 200 yards when I started this running lark, let alone over a mile. It's still not becoming any more enjoyable, but it is certainly becoming easier.

I made it to within 100 yards of the Old Sodbury garage and thought; "I'm not knackered! I reckon I could run to Commonmead Lane at least," and when I reached Commonmead Lane I though; "I can go the whole hog," and did, ending up quite pleased with myself and smug as hell.

My problem, however, it to not gratuitously use up the finite number of steps my knees and hips have left in them and ensure I reach the Mean Time Between Failure, or beyond.

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Dronski said...

With the choice of transport at your disposal wtf would you knacker yourself? #nologic