Saturday, 28 January 2023

Workbench Light Update

Well, I received the 2m length of bendy, LED strip light (with UK plug) intended for my innovative workbench light, but was horrified to discover it didn't have a self-adhesive side, so I ordered some double-sided tape from e-Bay with which to stick it to the underneath of the length of water pipe. That meant another couple of days of delay.

Yes, I could possibly have got some from ScrewFix or ToolStation, but they don't seem to do the really narrow 8-10mm stuff, and it's designed for conduit and hence not really strong enough. However, it struck me I could get some from a car part shop in town, as it's used for fixing car number plates into position. They didn't have 10mm tape, but did have 12mm, which would suffice and, naturally I was impatient, so I bought it for a fiver.

Voila! Sorted! Daytime view.

And night time view. Plenty of light from all directions. I'm well pleased.

Total cost £10.84 - £7.85 for the LED strip and £2.99 for the tape off eBay, although I can add £5 for the additional roll of tape (totally unnecessary) I bought at the car parts shop. The water pipe was free, as we had plenty left over from the house build. I've no idea how much a couple of metres of water pipe would cost, but I can't see it being more than a fiver, if that.

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