Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Boy-Shed

My eldest son (aged 12) has come to live with us on a permanent basis. That posed a problem given we live in a 33 foot mobile home with one bedroom.

Our solution was to purchase an 8 foot by 10 foot shed, raise it in a platform butting on to the caravan, cut a hole in the caravan and join the two together, insulating said shed with 2 inches of polystyrene and sheathing it with ply. The hole between the caravan and the shed will enable a decent heat transfer in winter from the wood burner, which will be backed up with an oil-filled radiator in the shed.

A bit drastic, but needs must when you have an active 12 year-old to look after and both parties need a bit of privacy (and when he likes watching programmes we don't particularly enjoy, plays video games and has a bass guitar).

The shed will actually have better insulative properties than the caravan, which seems to have nothing more than a nanometre-thin layer of fibreglass between the inner and outer walls.

The plinth has been built and the shed arrives tomorrow - and we go on holiday for a week on Saturday.

I hope to provide photos of the final boy-shed in a couple of weeks.


  1. A boy shed..It could catch on!

  2. AT first I thought you were talking about a "Man Cave", but the first line dispelled that idea. Nice to have the boy home, even if space is at a premium.


  3. Maybe a portcullis for the opening and emergency power cut off switch for the bass guitar?

  4. Sounds like a real adventure for your boy - wonderfully inventive, Sir!

    Enjoy your hols!

  5. Our Lad is working on the idea of a Granny Shed. It;s all the same with these kids - give em an inch and they'll take a caravan.