Thursday, 29 July 2010

Swallows & Blind Amazonians

No. 1 son and his friend got a bit excited in the hire boat yesterday and managed to knock my glasses off while I was focussed on steering. My only pair of varifocals were caught by No. 1 son's flailing arms and ended up doing a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Managed to get back to the landing stage OK, despite being half blind, and purchsed an exhorbitantly priced pair of reading glasses to tide me over.

It's obvious to me that lost spectacles is a common occurrence here, and the local branch of Boots (the only purveyor of specs in the area) has taken advantage of this. The cheapest, half decent pair of glasses were £18, compared to the normal tenner. However, it's a clear case of the law of supply and demand and I can't complain.

No. 1 son was extremely distraught and consumed with guilt - unless of course he's using a particularly nasty and highly effective form of child psychology on me. Kids are very clever creatures and one should never underestimate their animal cunning.

I didn't give in to his demand that I hire a DVD for him so that he could assuage his guilt, so he and his mate went off to do some crabbing from the harbour wall instead.


  1. I sat on my varifocals over New Year and snapped off both arms at the hinges. They were deemed beyond repair. I had my eyes tested and chose new frames. 2 weeks and over £500 pounds later I had a pair of spectacles that I couldn't see through. New lenses were made and now I can see most things not very well. In addition the nose pads are mounted on wire supports which bend and allow the frames to sit directly on my nose which irritates my sinuses. I am going back to the opticians on Saturday morning to try once again to get the problem sorted out. Such is progress.


  2. I am sure your post is very interesting but having broken my glasses I can't manage to read it. Still it will be interesting, your usually are Tony old friend.