Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The London Borough of Salcombe

I used to wonder why older people let rip when sneezing and didn't try to stifle them. I can say now from personal experience that it's a fear of letting rip from t'other end (and following through).

We're currently having a few days in Salcombe in Devon. Half of London must be here!

The Londoners seem to have a uniform comprising lots of blue and white clothing combined with very expensive deck shoes, despite them obviously never having been near a boat in their entire lives. There are also lots of blinged-up women who seem to have spent a considerable amount of money on poor facial reconstruction and botox.

Salcombe, like St Ives in Cornwall, has a very narrow main drag called Fore St. It would seem to me that there's a local rule that you can only drive down Fore St if you have a bloody great 4x4 loaded with moody kids.

Went to the Salcombe Harbour Hotel yesterday to collect one of my son's friends who is going to be staying with us till Friday. Saw a woman who was trying to leave her parking spot back her humungous 4x4 into a Mercedes Kompressor, with a resultant expensive sounding noise. She immediately started to cry.

I'm hiring a small motorboat today to take the boys Swallows and Amazoning in the creeks. Just my luck that the 4 hours hire I managed to secure coincides with low tide. I guess the boys will resemble a couple of mud skippers by the time I get them back to the flat.


  1. The other "stifling your sneezes" problem for us oldn's is putting your back out, growing old with hey-fever sucks..

  2. Thanks for dredging up old memories of the South Hams, Chairman. Spent many enjoyable hours in Kingsbridge dangling a worm off the sea wall ...