Saturday, 3 July 2010

Government Nonce Tells UK’s Foremost Anti-Terror Expert He’s Talking Out of His Arse

Francis Maude, MP, alleged expense fiddler and ex banker, has told the UK’s foremost expert in anti-terrorism policing that he’s talking out of his arse when he says the budget cuts to his department will increase the risk of a terrorist attack. I’m not sure which to believe – the expert who is paid by the government to be the expert and has done time in the job to warrant being an expert, or the ex banker who was a director of an outfit that profited from subprime mortgages and who allegedly purchased a flat in London, close to a house he already owned, before claiming expenses on the flat and renting out the house. You, the public, must decide.

No.1 son is coming to live with us today, so blogging may well become somewhat curtailed and sporadic.

I bought him an old Vaio laptop from eBay a couple of days ago. It was very good value but came with only 512Mb of RAM and no office applications. I’ve bought a 512Mb RAM upgrade and downloaded OpenOffice, which is a free office package that’s owned by Sun Microsystems and is aimed at breaking Microsoft’s market dominance. Looks good, reads all common MS document formats and does the job.

So, he now has a decent laptop for under £150. No doubt he’ll start his own blog before much longer, or create artificial intelligence. Hang on, that’s already been done by the creation of Francis Maude.

Ain't it strange how people Tweet about the trivia in life and miss the important stuff because they don't value relationships? It's a fact that relationships are what make people happy (or unhappy), not possessions. The joy experienced from owning something is transitory and fades quickly.


  1. I have to say, CB, aquiring something nice does give me joy. It doesn't get on my tits like bloody Husband does! But yes, i guess its short term ecstacy.

    No. 1 son, eh? Interesting x

  2. I look forward to Bill junior's blog with baited breath.
    I agree about the bottom statement that relationships are all that really matter but would also like to add that you need to laugh and love and thats what makes life worthwhile.

  3. Government minister speaks through open orifice - I see what you did there :)