Thursday, 8 July 2010

Oh No - Not the Spanish Inquisition?

Well, it’s to be Holland v Spain in the World Cup – the Spanish being an even older enemy than the Germans. It goes back to the 80 Years War that culminated in the proclamation of the Dutch Republic and liberation from the Spanish Habsburgs (although they were Swiss in origin).

A distant forebear, Adriaen van Bergen, had no small part to play in the Dutch revolt at the liberation of Breda – although the silly bugger overslept and the whole plan was nearly called off at the last minute. He probably had a skin-full the night before and had been drinking on an empty head.


  1. It's a bit difficult to pick a side to support when us Brits have basically had a scrap with everyone at some point; maybe there should be a points system for enemies to clarify the situation; now that would be a useful thing to see on a Government WEB site..! :)

  2. Will you be wearing an orange tie on Sunday? I thought I caught sight of the King of the Neths wearing such a thing the other night.

  3. Very impressive Chairman Bill! Your old relative must have been a 'Geus' , the orignal provo's and guerilla's, unbeatable. The ate herring and white bread and drunk jenever. Their breath must have been deadly.
    Yes, the Dutch crown prince (not king yet!) was wearing an orange tie and his pretty wife Maxima (from Argentina!) was wearing an orange dress. Hup Holland!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I can't believe you can trace your forebears back to that one! Incredible, and wonderful. What a story! And your ancestral anecdote sounds very credible. Thank you.