Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The War on Drugs

Nicholas Green QC, chairman of the UK Bar Council, has said: “"A growing body of comparative evidence suggests that decriminalising personal [drug] use can have positive consequences; it can free up huge amounts of police resources, reduce crime and recidivism and improve public health. All this can be achieved without any overall increase in drug usage. If this is so, then it would be rational to follow suit. A rational approach is not usually the response of large parts of the media when it comes to issues relating to criminal justice.”

Drug related crime costs the country £13bn per annum. Just think how much this could provide in terms of public services.

Some MP (and I can’t remember his name) has said that this is an argument for legalising everything. This is an example of the classic ‘thin end of the wedge’ argument, which is intellectually bankrupt and a well known red herring favoured by the bigoted and dull.


  1. Not that I am arguing against your conclusions, but I do tend to be suspicious of solid looking tables which are based on subjective rankings by "independent experts".

  2. Judging by the local rock festival I visited this weekend I think we are halfway there. Various people were layed out and indeed very spaced out. The festival even provided a herbal tent where you could lie back and smoke the old hookah pipe. I must admit there was no trouble, all very peaceful and not a policeman in site!

  3. I tend to agree, decriminalise drugs. Reduce costs, tax them, the criminals will find something else to keep themselves busy, free up enforcement to chase criminals; and my view is if there are users who want to over indulge that's their business.


  4. That's OK, then!

    My choice of drug is less than Amphetamines and slightly more than Buprenorphine. But wait a mo! The bastards are already taxing me - heavily - for my own 'personal usage'!

    So, hopefully somebody in government will take note of Nicholas Green QC and his puerile submission, cut the tax on my tobacco (thereby decriminalising it), free up police resources and reduce crime and recidivism. I'm not sure whether my 'public health' will improve, but at the age of 65 I don't really give a shit!

    Disappointed with you, Chairman .....

  5. Does Aspro-Clear count? I'm about to down some of them in a minute.

  6. Alan: It is merely decoration for the post.

    Argentum: Couldn't agree more. Why should the state dictate what an individual is or is not allowed to put into his or her body?

    Fletch: Please explain your logic? The War on Drugs is totally futile and wastes valuable resources. Whatever happened to individual responsibility?

    Jenny: Only if you take several hundred.