Friday, 2 July 2010

Saatchi Donates Contents of His Rubbish Bin to the Nation

I hear Charles Saatchi is gifting some of his art collection and his gallery to the nation. The ‘works’ donated will include Tracey Emin’s seminal work (or should that be semen-stained work?), 'My Bed'. I’d have thought he’d be better off tipping this health hazard into a skip or landfill site somewhere, although there’s probably some Health & Safety legislation prohibiting it.

I guess he’s finally worked out that this stuff has as much intrinsic worth as an ant farm and he’d have been better sending the money to a Nigerian con artist.

The contents of a skip somewhere in London

Somehow I feel the nation will not appreciate the donation – ungrateful Philistines that we are!

I wonder whether I should tip our wheelie bin out and call it art?

I’m always amazed by the number of people of my age who go on holiday around this time of year, rather than sometime in August.

I know the usual excuse is that holidays are cheaper now, but I think I’ve stumbled on the real reason – they want to ensure they’re back at work when their grandchildren are on holiday, thus neatly side-stepping having to look after the hideous little buggers while their parents have some free time together at a pop festival during the last two weeks of August.

Saw someone with four St George’s flags on his car while driving into work this morning. Obviously he’s not heard that England have crashed out of the World Cup – nor the rumours about John Terry and Stephen Gerrard.

I hope Holland beat Brazil this afternoon, but I'm not betting on it.


  1. Maybe you should have taken that bet? (Holland 2;Brazil 1 @ 68 mins)

  2. I love art and visit as many galleries as possible but I do sometimes have the urge to shout " the king is in the altogether".
    As for the holidays, never in a million years would I go on holiday when the schools are on holiday. I have no desire to wade through a sea of kids.

  3. They did (*sniffle*) and trashed Uruguay yesterday.