Thursday, 4 November 2010

Cheap Flights at £9k

I somehow suspect that £9k p.a. tuition fees are going to result in fewer degrees in automotive trading, curry appreciation, the philosophy of beauty therapy or golf science. I’m tempted to say: “About time” in fact I will: “About time.”

While I consider myself a socialist at heart, I never quite managed to overcome the feeling that Labour’s attempt to get 50% of the school population into university was anything more than a cynical move to get kids off the dole queue by stealth and shifting the problem down the line through the auspices of worthless vocational degree courses.

If you’re a fan of cheap flights, listen to this. Brilliant!


  1. Reminded me of a comment made by my grandson. Reckoned he'd heard that being in university is great - it's like being on the dole only your parents are proud of you!