Friday, 2 September 2011

Delusional, If You Ask Me.

Col Gaddafi is apparently 'ready for long war' and has the support of the people of Libya.

He's not exactly doing much for the popular view of megalomaniacal dictators. They're renowned for having a somewhat tenuous grip on reality at the best of times, but claiming popular support when it's popular support that's just ousted you is on par with claiming you've just visited Alpha Cantauri or that UK students have improved their academic ability for 26 continuous years and our 15 year-olds are the cleverest in the world.

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Flying back to the UK today - glad it's not tomorrow, as the hotel breakfast is abominable on a Saturday. This is due to the prohibition by strict Jews on the use of electricity on Shabbat, hence no fresh coffee or freshly cooked foods in the hotel.

Given only about 30% of Israelis are observant Jews, it's a bit much.

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